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. About Us

The Department of Psychology at Fu Jen Catholic University is the only one among private universities nationwide that offers both master's and doctoral programs in psychology. Currently, the master's program is divided into three groups: Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Social, Cultural, and Counseling Psychology, and Applied Psychology.

The doctoral program do not divided into groups since 2021. We not only provide solid foundational courses but also offer numerous applied courses to meet the diverse needs of students in various fields of psychology, such as industrial and organizational psychology, counseling, cognitive psychology, cultural expression, applied psychology, and more.

Elective courses include counseling and guidance, group processes, organizational psychology, personnel psychology, memory psychology, design and development of apps, quantitative methods, and other specialized courses, offering a wide range of options. The teaching facilities of the department are well-equipped, fostering close interaction between faculty and students. The courses are distinctive, providing students with comprehensive professional development education and ample learning resources.

The department is guided by two core principles: "self-directed learning" and "social participation." It encourages students to engage in self-directed learning, exploration, and to find ways to apply their knowledge back to society, making a meaningful contribution to the community.

To apply for studying in our department, please refer to the Office of International Education at the university. Application is open throughout the year but do look out for the deadline for each recruitment session. Last but not least, the university has a minimal requirement for Mandarin ability and some of our courses are taught in English. However, we recommend that you have good communication skills in Mandarin as psychology is a field that requires a lot of discussions.

Learn more about us from the video below. Clea is currently enrolled in our master’s program.